Treehuggers International

Our Vision

    “Well-informed letters about the wildland are crucial. Your feet, taking one step at a time at a
    studiously slow pace, know the land better than the heads of any elected officials. Insert into
    those heads what your feet know.”
    – Harvey Manning, 1925 – 2006

Mt. Rainier, the grandaddy of Pacific Northwest peaks, from Paradise Meadows.

Treehuggers International seeks to preserve and protect the parks, wilderness, and natural heritage of North America through contributions in media, activism, and news and information, and to act as a rallying point for those who appreciate the wild on foot, and seek a greater day for our special outdoor places.

It begins with a decision, and a moment of inspiration: reaching out to a dew-covered leaf, finding yourself above the clouds and among the peaks, sharing the virtues of clean water and oxygenated forests, and finding peace with oneself atop a summit, at the foot of a grand tree, on the edge of a canyon, or staring at a tiny insect in the palm of your hand.

From the beaches to the mountains to the deserts, this is Treehuggers International. Welcome.

Keep writing those letters, and lace up your boots.

Donald Peattie called the Grand Canyon "the book of the earth."


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