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Muir’s March and the Move to Restore Hetch Hetchy

Are San Francisco city leaders interested in the idea of removing O’Shaughnessy Dam and restoring the Hetch Hetchy Valley? Depends on who you ask. We asked Mike Marshall, the Executive Director of Restore Hetch Hetchy.

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A Century of Conservation At Muir Woods

Redwoods have a special place in western conservation culture. Along with being the tallest trees in the world, Redwoods are also some of the world’s most rot-resistant trees, and by virtue of their bark, size, and ecosystem, Redwoods are amazingly fire-resistant. Other than man, or the occasional well-placed windstorm, Redwoods have no natural enemies, and can thrive for hundreds if not thousands of years. Growing along a thin coastal band from Big Sur to the Oregon border, Redwoods once covered two million acres of the Northern California coast.

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