Treehuggers International

Our Mission

Treehuggers International isn’t just a media entity with an environmental focus, we operate by several guiding principles, best outlined in a variation on the outdoorsman’s classic 10 Essentials.

Treehuggers International stands for:

  1. Preservation of parks and wilderness areas.
  2. Encouragement of recreational outdoor activity on foot (if necessary, on hoof).
  3. Enjoyment of the outdoors as a place for solace, contemplation, and quiet.
  4. Respect for the environment through science, discovery, and sense of place.
  5. Understanding the wild outdoors isn’t something to be conquered or abused.
  6. Appreciating the magnificence of the wild at a deliberate, eye-level pace.
  7. Alternatives to machine thrill seeking in wild places and public lands.
  8. Passing along the lessons of conservation and the need for vigilance.
  9. Responsible stewardship of the wild places we have today.
  10. Adopting leave-no-trace wilderness ethics to all outdoor pursuits.

Photo by Christina Darabi. Graphic by Matt Coppins.


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